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The 8th Asian Conference for Emergency Medicine (ACEM 2015) is pleased to invite all physicians and other professionals from Asia regions to submit papers to share your research and insights.
This three-day conference provides an excellent platform for the participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and raise issues for discussions with fellow participants. We expect to welcome more than 1,000 professionals in the event from various locations within the Asia region.
ACEM 2015 aims to foster an environment for speakers to share their views on the theme from various emergency medicine areas. Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine (TSEM) is now inviting timely, relevant and high quality presentations for the conference. Do not miss this opportunity to share your insights with other professionals.

Paper submission Process

Step1: Register online
Please click Paper Submission. Create a personal account by completing all required fields online. A confirmation letter with user name and password will be sent by email.
Step2: Log in
Upon receiving your user name and password, please log in to the paper submission area.
Step 3: Submit the outline
Upload your detailed outline of the presentation and complete all required fields, such as paper category, paper title, and keyword. After successful submission, a record with your paper status will be listed on your page and you will be able to upload and revise your presentation materials.

Abstract Submission Guideline

  • Abstracts must be written in ENGLISH only.
  • Abstracts must be in text format.
  • ATTENTION?Abstract can be included ONLY one of the three items - graphs, or tables, or images.
  • Abstracts should contain work that has not been previously published.
  • You must indicate whether you wish to have your abstract considered for an oral presentation, poster presentation or both.
  • Authors must type their first name or initials and last name and omit degrees and title.
  • Abstracts must be submitted using the designated field: Background & Objectives, Methodology, Results and Conclusion. Abstracts are limited to a total of 250 words (Not including title, authors and affiliations).
  • Abstract title should be typed in title case.
  • Accepted abstracts are eligible for presentation after receiving full registration fee from the author/presenter. If registration fee of the presenter is not received by 30 June 2015, his/her paper is assumed to have been withdrawn. Once the abstract is submitted, changes, correction or rewording are not allowed. The submission should be carefully proof-read and corrected by the author. Individual authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied, as accepted abstracts will be printed or showcased in the Conference publication materials.
  • All Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Acceptance notification will be sent to Corresponding author with further instructions. Final presentation style will be subject to the decision of the Committee.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements will exclude the abstract from consideration.
  • Presentation type?Please choose your desired type of presentation
    ?(Case Report can only be submitted as poster presentation.)
  • - Oral presentation
    - Poster presentation
    - Either Oral or Poster
  • Download Topic category
  • Download Abstract Sample and Case Report Sample.
  • Important Timeline

    01 October 2014
    Register Submission ID and Paper Submit
    30 April 2015
    Paper submission deadline
    30 May 2015
    Paper acceptance notification via email